About Safe Teen Driving Club

Our Mission

To help you (Mom and Dad!) safeguard and protect your teen, leading to reduced driving crashes, injuries and fatalities.

What We Do

We provide education and information for parents to help them protect and safeguard their children as they begin driving. To help parents with concrete and actionable steps they can take, we also deliver services and tools — proven to reduce the likelihood of a crash — to help parents keep their teens safe and alive.

Why We Do It

There is no other threat that consistently takes over 5,000 young lives each year. If there were, our nation would long ago have been galvanized into action to do whatever was necessary to stop the carnage. Yet teen driving has been a national health and safety issue — and a tragedy for thousands of families — every year since the late 1950’s when teens began driving in large numbers. We believe there is no more important step we can take for our young people than focusing on ways to keep them alive behind the wheel.

About Safe Teen Driving Club Vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of death and injury for youngsters age 15 to 20. Guns, drugs, suicide, homicide and all other causes take a back seat to driving crashes. Nearly half of teen deaths result from vehicle crashes. For those who survive crashes, some 300,000 teens must be treated in hospital ER’s each year, many with life-changing injuries. The Safe Teen Driving Club is a community of concerned parents, teens and professionals, and a resource for protecting teenage drivers and their families. We are working with parents, schools, educators, businesses, non-profits and public policy makers to create a safer driving environment for teens, while giving parents the tools and services they need to significantly affect and improve their teen’s driving behavior. We want to help you keep them safe!


One Response to “About Safe Teen Driving Club”

  1. Daniel Male Says:

    To the bloggers of SafeTeenDriving,

    I tried finding your name and e-mail address but I don’t think you list it on your blog. I follow your blog and think it’s fantastic! You guys really put in a lot of time and effort into keeping teens safe on the road.

    Anyway, I do marketing for an e-commerce company in the safety industry (safety signs, traffic signs & more) and I just created an infographic that I think you might like. Since your blog focuses on safe driving practices, this safe driving themed infographic is one I think your readers might like. If you are interested, please e-mail me at danielm@smartsign.com. Here is the link to the infographic:

    All the best,

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